Mark Mowry for U. S. Senate 2022: 


Why Mark Mowry?

  • Like you, I want my country back! As an AMERICA FIRST candidate, I will fight for "We the People”, and speak Truth to power.
  • I'm choosing to be on the right side of this battle for our nation regardless of the cost. As with our forefathers, that is how we live for Destiny.
  • We are in the final showdown for either a Constitutional Republic or a socialist regime.   It’s time to choose.
  • I believe this is something I’m supposed to do. I believe that in light of the circumstances which now exist in our Republic, and in what I’ve learned in life up to this point, I am called to get involved in the removal of John Thune from Senate and likewise bidding for that position as an AMERICA FIRST candidate.
  • I appreciate your support and your vote!




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Why am I running for this position? 

  • THIS IS WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO.  I believe that I am called to stand up and speak out unwaveringly the values and the truths that I have attained through a multi-faceted life and career.  I’ve never held public office, yet I contend that the last thing South Dakotans need is another career politician representing us in Washington.  It has been, after all, the political finesse and posturing by our representatives that has brought us to this point, to seek to ‘primary’ a luminous South Dakota senator.     
  • I SEE CLEARLY WHAT A SENATOR SHOULD BE DOING, AS WELL AS WHAT A SENATOR SHOULD NOT BE DOING.  It’s really quite simple – the only real power that a senator holds is finally in his/her power to vote on bills.  A senator’s ‘yae’, ‘nay’, ‘abstain’, or ‘absent’ is ultimately what affects legislative process.  Mischief loves nothing more than to sidle itself alongside power, however, and a senator’s voting power becomes a strong attraction for all the trappings surrounding those processes.  Senators are not required to ‘do’ luncheons, hold press conferences, meet with lobbyists/PACs, endorse other senators, conduct fund raising, or any other of the myriad trappings now associated with the position.  I intend to be the senator who keeps the right focus on the job I’ve been awarded.  A little common sense, huh?
  • I AM AVAILABLE.  If not for the pandemic and its associated shockwaves, I would certainly be doing something besides running for this office.  Yet the pandemic has occurred, extenuating circumstances have arisen, and I find that representing the citizens of South Dakota in Washington D.C. for six years is absolutely something I am able to do. 
  • IT’S PERSONAL.  I believe that John Thune, Mike Rounds, and Dusty Johnson all know the reality of the January 6 breach, and I believe that these men need to be brought to account for allowing their constituencies to be left dangling in uncertainty regarding the serious consequences of inadequate and questionable security measures conducted that day.

I appreciate your support.  I appreciate your vote.


Campaign Theme Song

“Straighten Up and Fly Right” is the Mowry for Senate campaign song.  It was written and performed by Nat ‘King’ Cole in 1943.  The story goes that Cole’s inspiration came from a sermon that his Baptist minister Daddy preached.  The sermon borrowed from a fable whereby an ingenious buzzard would offer ‘free rides’ to unsuspecting customers, take them high in the air, then dump them off his back and later return for a picnic with his buzzard friends, the main course being, of course, the carrion.  In this instance, a monkey took up the offer, but quickly wised up on the buzzard’s ploy, and used his long tail to put a choke-hold on the buzzard’s throat.

The moral of the story is two-fold:  “There’s no such thing as a free ride.” & “Never underestimate the person you are trying to take advantage of.”  Appropo?  We think so!


On June 7, 2022, Vote for Mark Mowry for U. S. Senate 2022