Mark Speaks Out

Washington D. C. Trip Journal
(from Mark’s FB page)

Entry #1 -- Launched! We are enroute to DC. . . driving straight through if we can muster. . . in plenty of time for the pro-Trump rallies on Jan. 6. I don't perceive of myself as a particularly rip-roaring patriot, nor have I ever; yet the assault upon this nation that has arisen from within our borders has caused me to realize that I really love this country and its foundation stones, my beloved homeland of hard-won and stubbornly held liberty….

Building an Education Business in India

My background with India is extensive.  Spread out over three decades, at the time of my last assignment there, it covered one-third of my life.

It started in 1993 when we left Spearfish to join a missions organization. We loved the excitement and diversity of living in a different culture, we loved the energy and hospitality of the Indian people,  . . .       Read More

Hypocrisy from D. C.
The Difference

As I write, there now occurs a worker crisis in our nation; there is a shortage of workers for jobs and services. This is because a large populace of potential workers actually make more money waiting for a relief check from the federal government than by showing up for work. It’s a sick situation sponsored by a sick government, and here is where I’m reminded of Mrs. Gump’s sage comment. . .          Read More

Fiscal Conservatism
Let’s Talk About The Weather

Have you noticed the mood swing that is happening in these dwindling pandemic days? Event calendars are chockful with live concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Masks are falling from faces like shorn wool from a sheep as we are being gently urged to “get out there and have some fun!”

Meanwhile it would appear that the U.S. Treasury has plenty of paper and ink to buoy up an artificial economic recovery. . .      Read More


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